Canna Terra Flores 5l

Canna Terra Flores 5l

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CANNA Terra Flores is a professional fast-acting fertilizer, it contains all the essential elements that the plant needs during the flowering phase.

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Terra Flores stimulates fruiting and gives the plant its characteristic flavour. It has been specially developed for growing in pots and open ground, both indoors and outdoors. TERRA Flores nutrition meets the changing needs of the plant once flowering has started. During the flowering phase, considerably less nitrogen is needed, but the plant has an increased need for phosphorus and potassium, among other things.

Advantages of CANNA Terra Flores :

  • CANNA Terra Flores is easy to use and dissolves instantly.
  • The tendency of the soil to bind nutrient ions is offset by the preparation methods used for Terra Flores.
  • CANNA Terra Flores stimulates fruiting and flavour.
  • CANNA Terra Flores contains the right amounts of phosphorus and potassium, and is rich in chelates and trace elements, which are present in a form that can be immediately absorbed, guaranteeing an exuberant flowering.