BIOCANNA is CANNA's organic line of products. BIOCANNA products are 100% organic and meet all the requirements for organic farming. This means they are legally checked and guaranteed ORGANIC!

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BIOCANNA fertilizers are vegetable-based and contain no residual animal-based products. The main advantage of this is that the composition of the product is much better adapted to the needs of the plants. An additional advantage is that the product cannot contain any pathogenic organisms of animal origin, such as influenza viruses (eg, avian flu) which could be harmful to human health.

History of organic farming.

The culture originated towards the end of the last ice age, some 12,000 years ago. The warming climate has made it possible for people to cultivate plants themselves and to stay longer in a specific place. This allowed us to finally leave behind us this uncertain life of hunting and gathering. This is how the first civilizations (Syria, Mexico and China) were able to develop.

Of course we knew that a plant would grow better if we mixed fertilizer with the soil, but we didn't know why. We didn't know anything about nutrients yet.

It was in 1838 that, following an experimental study, Justus von Liebig demonstrated the link between nutrients and plant growth. This discovery eventually led to the introduction of chemical fertilizer: a real revolution in the world of agriculture. The use and effects of NPK elements have been used with uneven success. Nitrogen (N) was extracted from coal tar. Phosphorus (P) could be taken from bones. Potassium (K) was discovered as a raw material in the mines of Chile and India.

What is organic farming?

The discovery of fertilizer greatly contributed to people's well-being. Modern cultivation had, alas, also drawbacks, such as the deterioration of the quality of the soil and the environment. And it is out of dissatisfaction that agriculture has seen the appearance of two new trends in the last century: organic farming and dynamic-organic farming.

Organic farming aims to produce in a sustainable way and in harmony with nature. To achieve and maintain this goal, organic farming is based on three fundamental principles:

The non-use of chemical pesticides

The search for great biodiversity

Just follow these rules to get a natural growing environment that has good structure and healthy micro flora.

These principles are supported by the use of BIOCANNA products.

Growing Organically

Fertilizers of plant or animal origin are called organic fertilizers. The contribution of organic elements in the soil, elements which lead to an improvement of the structure of the soil is an advantage of organic fertilizers compared to mineral fertilizers. The environment is less polluted by the disgorgement of minerals and water absorption is also improved. A healthy soil containing minerals that can be absorbed and combined directly deserves a great deal of attention within organic cultivation and is closely related to the three principles on which organic cultivation is based.

Organic fertilizers can still contain elements derived from animals. Something the true organic grower prefers not to use.

BIOCANNA's products are of plant origin and do not contain the slightest remains of animal products. An important advantage: the composition of these products is much better adapted to the needs of the plant.

An additional advantage is that the product does not contain pathogens such as bird flu (or chicken plague) viruses that can harm people's health.

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