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Lighting packs for indoor growing.

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A HPS lighting kit for indoor cultivation consists of a ballast, a hps bulb and a reflector.

Here you will find 250 watt, 400 watt and 600 watt growlight kits, composed of products from Osram Nav t, Philips Son t, Lumatek lamps and ballast, and Sylvania Grolux growth and flowering lamps.

Also have a look at the new Lumatek CMH lighting sets and the Gavita Proline, which provide less heat and more light.

Here you will find ready-made lighting sets. It contains all the parts you need to install solid interior lighting. You will find the right complete set for every application.

We only sell grow lights with a spectrum and performance that are ideal for growing plants indoors. If you want to achieve an optimal result, it is recommended to use a separate hps and mh bulb for growth and flowering. Growing plants in particular benefit from the bluish spectrum of a metal halide lamp, flowering plants prefer the reddish spectrum of a high pressure sodium lamp.

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