Biological, mineral and hydro plant nutrients.

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Every fertilizer is important for optimal plant growth and necessary to increase the yield! We have plant nutrients that provide a complete and balanced nutritional plan throughout the cycle, as well as special plant micronutrients that can help you improve the health of your plants. Whether you need a root booster for cloning and seed propagation, cal-mag supplement, batguano, or bloom booster Plant and Flowerh. Also see our choice of organic plant nutrition!Your plants can only fully develop if they are supplied with sufficient nutrients. That is why plant fertilizer is a must!

We offer the product lines Hesi, Canna, BioCanna, Tarra Aquatica, Mills Nutriens, BAC Bio, Metop.

Which plant food is suitable for me?

If you are a beginner and have no experience with growth fertilizers, we recommend a Plagrn starter set. You will certainly get very good results with it. The Plagron starter set includes instructions (growing schedule). It states exactly when you should give how much of which fertilizer.

If you do not want to use mineral fertilizers, but want to fertilize on a purely biological basis, we recommend a Plagron Alga Starter Pack. You will also receive instructions here. You can't go wrong with that.

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