Every fertilizer is important for optimal plant growth and necessary to increase the yield! We have plant nutrients that provide a complete and balanced nutritional plan throughout the cycle, as well as special plant micronutrients that can help you improve the health of your plants. Whether you need a root booster for cloning and seed propagation, cal-mag supplement, batguano, or bloom booster Plant and Flowerh. Also see our choice of organic plant nutrition!Your plants can only fully develop if they are supplied with sufficient nutrients. That is why plant fertilizer is a must!

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Fertilizers for growth :

Growth fertilizers are part of the basic nutrition for plants. During the period of growth or vegetation, plants need a large amount of nitrogen (N) and a smaller amount of other important nutrients such as phosphorus (P) or potassium (K). Most indoor fertilizers therefore have a higher nitrogen content, supporting the growth of roots as well as new plant parts such as branches and leaves. A low content of growth fertilizers is mainly manifested in slow growth and yellowing of leaves. Fertilizers for growth can usually be used from seed germination, and it is good to supplement them with one of the root stimulators to support the proper growth of new roots.

Fertilizers for flowering:

Flower fertilizers are specifically rich in phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) due to their composition. Plants need these two nutrients for the proper development of flowers, but also the resin. So if you are going to grow plants at home and you want the right content of substances and at the same time get beautiful flowers, you cannot do without flower fertilizer. Such fertilizers usually have a higher content of the two nutrients mentioned and a lower nitrogen content, which is good for flowering.

Fertilizers are one of the most important parts of growing plants. How you ideally fertilize is a matter of personal experience and preferences, each grower should arrive at the resulting mix over time. For beginners, the recommendations of individual manufacturers are suitable, and fertilizer manufacturers also provide growing schedules.

When choosing fertilizers, the most important thing is to choose the right fertilizer for your growing conditions. We have indoor and outdoor fertilizers in liquid, powder or tablet consistencies. With us you can choose the highest quality nutrition suitable for all types of growing media.

Stimulators or boosters are for all phases of the growth cycle. At the beginning of the cycle - root stimulator, a strong root system is necessary for the healthy development of the plant. When plants develop a strong root system, they become more resistant and stronger as they develop.

A growth stimulator is used during growth to accelerate the growth phase and reach the largest possible size before moving on to the flowering phase. Plants entering the flowering phase concentrate their nutrition on the formation of flowers - in this phase it is very useful to use a flower stimulator for the formation of more massive and hard flowers.

In addition to using flower stimulators for larger flowers, we also recommend using flavor stimulators, which give the plant a better taste, smell and also form significantly more resin.

Hydroponics is a more demanding growing method than growing in soil or coco, so we recommend it for more experienced growers rather than beginners. The main advantage of hydroponics is easy maintenance.

Well-known subspecies of hydroponics are aquaponics (bionutrients are supplied to the water by fish) and aeroponics (high-pressure spray that delivers nutrients to the roots, which are placed above the jets of water).

With us you will find different types of hydroponic and aeroponic fertilizers from brands such as: Plagron, Canna, Terra Aquatica, Mills and Hesi.

Fertilizers for coco are mineral, usually two components (component A and B) they are mixed together in the feed water and are often combined with root, growth, flower and flavor stimulators. With coco, the most important thing is to check that the growing coco medium is moist.

For coco, we recommend using self-watering capillary systems - thanks to them, it is easier to ensure that the coco substrate does not dry out and maintains the correct humidity.

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