Handy hose clamps.

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Buy cheap hose clamps in different sizes. To connect pipe to the extractor. Can also be used with hose connections, pipe guides, flange sleeves and carbon filters.

Hose clamps are used to attach a pipe end to a fixed connection or to a pipe connector. Using a set screw, the ring-shaped metal strip of the clamp can be clamped and pressed against the pipe below. Hose clamps have a wide range of uses, such as mechanical engineering, horticultural facilities, or automotive engineering.

We offer different types of hose clamps:

Plant and Flower Growshop offers you a variety of hose clamps in different sizes.

The clamps are also easy to open, e.g. to access the ventilation duct for maintenance work. Activated carbon filters and exhaust fans can also be easily installed. Clamps and duct clips are very useful for a quick and safe connection of ventilation pipes to, for example, an extractor hood. Ventilation clamps and pipe clamps are suitable for fixing ventilation ducts. They are a simple mounting solution and can be easily installed anywhere. 

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