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Team spirit and love for plants are two of the keywords that characterize Canna's corporate philosophy.

It is clear that Canna is much more than just a plant food producer. We control the entire production process, from the development and research phase to the special ecological production line, in addition, our delivery department is extremely fast. Something unique in the cultural sector. As an exclusive producer of nutrients, Canna has its own laboratory and experimental rooms where expert scientists manage to unravel the secrets of nature every day. We believe that only by controlling as many factors as possible can we offer a product of exceptional quality.

With 22 years of cultivation experience and close collaboration with other pioneers, Canna has built up a huge pool of knowledge that has never been matched in this sector or elsewhere. This rare combination of professional knowledge and enthusiasm has enabled the development of very high quality products over a period of seven years. When we develop a Canna product, we are in no rush to bring it to market.

Only when we are 100% sure of the optimal performance, we release it. But we don't want to stop there. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we need to know why a product works. That is why we first conduct a large-scale study among people involved in the cultivation of fast-growing plants in many different countries, in order to map all possible conditions.

For these reasons, despite the temptations that sometimes arise in a market, our product launches will never be rushed, but all too often lead to short-lived hype.

Intended for professionals

We believe the serious expert will appreciate the value of our professional approach. We believe that whoever takes the producer seriously will treat the development of a new product with the same serious treatment. However, this is not something that can be completed in just a few weeks.

Also for Canna, research is a very important factor. After all, this has major consequences for the end user. Our policy is therefore to devote all our time to the development of a new product, currently an average of two years. Two years in which a team of experienced specialists worked tirelessly, examining all aspects of the new product. If we insist on this point so much, it is because we want to ensure the follow-up of our products to the end. And it doesn't stop when our product has passed the counter. We believe that customer service is an essential element. In this way we stay in touch with the end user through our network of grow shops and we take their problems extremely seriously. The results in the field are not only a plus for our research. Our greatest satisfaction in our work remains a satisfied customer with the end result.

Quality proves itself

Not satisfied with the fertilizers available on the market at the time, Canna developed a nutrient that was a resounding success from the start. A garden center owner also believes that the quality of strongly growing plants on rock wool is incredibly higher with this product. The results obtained are so good that production of Canna Vega and Canna Flores, Canna's first-born twins, soon started. This is the beginning of an activity that will develop within a few years the most revolutionary and reliable constants for the fertilization sector.

This innovative approach has not only proven itself in the production of fertilizers, but it appears that Canna also plays a pioneering role at a detailed level. For example, one of the results is the standard 1:250 mixing ratio for nutrients widely used and introduced by Canna

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