All sizes of grow rooms for indoor cultivation off plants.

Growing Tents 


  • Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot

    Looking for a great value ?

    Hydro Shoot Grow Tents are designed for both beginners and experienced gardeners looking for great value. This tent is perfect for growing and flowering thanks to the accessories that can complete your set-up.

  • Secret Jardin Dark Street

    Want to get a successful harvest ?

    The Dark Street IV is our dedicated range for limited spaces from 0.36 to 1,44 square meters. Built with high quality materials, it brings professional standards to small tents users.

  • Secret Jardin Dark Room

    Professional grow tents, dedicated to the cultivation of intensive crops.

  • Secret Jardin Propagator

    How many clones do you need ?

    The DP60 and DP90 allows to create a complete propagation laboratory with a combination of cuttings, grow plants and mother plants.

  • Secret Jardin Accessoires

    Accessories for Secret Jardin Grow Tents.

  • Barbary Lion Grow Tents

    Barbary Lion Original Grow Tents - The King of Grow Tents.

    Do not take the choice of your growing space lightly. Barbary Lion is aimed at all gardening enthusiasts, who, living in a rather cold country for a good part of the year, use indoor growing in an environment they can control, thus removing the limits that the external environment imposes.

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Showing 1 - 37 of 37 items