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All sizes of grow rooms for indoor cultivation off plants.Growbox for a super price. Always dreamt about cultivating plants in you're home ? With the cultivation tents from Plant and Flower you can grow fruits and vegetabels even during the winter. Secret Jardin specializes in indoor growing equipment.

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At Plant and Flower Growshop you can choose from a wide range of grow tents. This is a tent with which you can basically grow plants anywhere, for example in the living room, bedroom or in the hallway. In the grow tent you create the perfect climate for all types of plants and provide them with ideal conditions. Our grow tents are also equipped with accessories such as support nets.

Grow tents are also referred to as grow boxes or grow boxes, so if you see these names anywhere, they are the same thing. Today they are especially popular with indoor growers and are becoming increasingly popular.

Grow tents, or grow cabinets, are the foundation of a successful indoor grow. We offer more than 20 different types, from small propagators to large grow tents. If you are a passionate grower and want to harvest a rich harvest all year round, just choose the size of the grow box according to the number of plants you want to harvest regularly and go for it. Do not forget to choose suitable grow lighting for each grow tent from our wide range. Whether you are going to grow garden herbs, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers or whatever at home, you are in the right place at Plant and Flower Growshop. We only offer top manufacturers of grow tents such as budbox, mammoth, secret jardin, homebox and per manufacturer you will find a lot of extra accessories. You will find much more in the growing supplies category.

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