Here you will find different quality growth lighting. From HPS to economic growth and flowering bulbs. And turbo néon lighting kits for cuttings and seeds. And led grow lights.

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Lighting for indoor cultivation

A correctly chosen light source is essential for the inner breeding. Here you will find all kinds of light for growing plants: growth and flowering bulbs, lighting sets, modern LED lamps and special sets for illuminating young plants and cuttings. In addition, we have a whole range of high -quality exhibition devices, lampshades and numerous accessories for plant lighting.

We offer products of the highest quality for highlighting fine herbs and agricultural crops that are grown inside or in a greenhouse.

Lighting for inner cultivation is either compact (for example LED lamps or complete HPS fixture) or consists of three insertable components: a ballast, a discharge lamp and a hood.

8 reasons why an electronic reference device is better:

  • The high -frequency mechanism of digital revenue devices increases the lighting efficiency, the softstart extends the lifespan of the lamps.
  • The discharge lights do not flicker, the light appearance is stable and even.
  • Universally applicable for HPS and MH lamps with different wattages.
  • With a digital removal device, the power of (only) dimmable lamps can be arranged.
  • Maximum safety and extensive protection against overheating, overloading, short circuit etc.
  • Including cables, IEC Connector, ready for connection.
  • Compared to magnetic removal devices, it has a considerably lower weight and not demanding dimensions.
  • We also offer special CMH variants.

How do you choose the right discharge lamp for the breeding cabinet?

  • CFL and 250 Watt discharge lamps are suitable for an area of 60x60 cm and small culture tents.
  • 400 Watt discharge lamps for an area of 100x100 cm and for small breeding cabinets.
  • 600 Watt lamps for 120x120 cm and for medium -sized grow tents.

Which discharge lamps are suitable for indoor breeding and why?

HPS lamps - The red and yellow spectrum predominates, therefore they are suitable for the flowering period, but they are often used for the entire growth cycle. The color quality temperature is around 2000-2500 k.

MH discharge lamps - intended for the growth period, they stand out mainly with improved blue and white light. The color quality temperature is around 4000-6400 k.

Double Ended Lamps - Improved HPS lamps are designed for a special fitting with a double fitting and offer the best light parameters with maximum efficiency and above average yields.

CMH, CDM, LEC discharge lamps - Efficient discharge lamps with a modern design produce little heat and have lower energy consumption. We have an option for growth and the entire growth cycle.

energy -saving lamps - energy -saving lamps with built -in ballast are suitable for small tents

Reflectors are essential for good light reflection

In our offer you will find both low-budget and premium brands that are compatible with all discharge lamps in the offer. All Adjust-A-Wings products with adjustable spanning width are certainly among the best quality in this category. For the best light reflection (approx. 95%) we recommend the Adjust-a-Wing Avenger. Models equipped with a heat shield protect against the formation of hotspots.

On the other hand, fine clima cooltube can be connected to ventilation. The heat is removed, there is no risk of overheating.

With the accessories you will find all possible cables, connectors, sockets etc.

or rather efficient LED cultivation lighting?

  • Switching LED lamps ensure perfect conditions for plants in every phase of the growth cycle.
  • LED is an effective and successful alternative to traditional HID lamps and discharge lamps.
  • It generates considerably less heat, so it does not increase the temperature much, does not dry out the soil medium or does not evaporate too much water.
  • You can place them closer to the plants than HPS or MH lamps.
  • Simple and fast installation, quiet and safe operation, long service life.
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