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Grinder - convenient grinding of your favorite herbs.

Grinders have long been standard equipment and with their help, you'll have your dried herbs finely chopped and ground in no time. In this consistency they are pleasantly easy to dose and apply. These spice mills, also called grinders, crunchers or crushers, are made of different materials.

Cheap grinders are usually made of plastic. In addition to the cheap acrylic grinders, there are very high-quality grinders made of metal or aluminum for a few euros more, which have an extremely long life and are by far the most popular grinders. If you value natural aesthetics and comfortable operation, you should take a look at the range of wood grinders. They come in 2-part designs, with built-in nails that shred your weed. But also special 4-parts with CNC-machined aluminum interior, which grind your herbs with sharp edges and precise turning properties. It depends on you which mill is your favourite, because tastes differ.

Already tendonitis or just tired of grinding? Then take a look at the electric grinders. Electric grinders are the most convenient way to chop your herbs quickly, evenly and without straining your muscles. Why do grinders have multiple compartments? In addition to simple constructions with only one compartment, there are special grinders that collect your ground herbs in another compartment. The resulting dust is again filtered through a sieve and collected in the last compartment. The dust is extremely fine and concentrated. So if you want to fully enjoy the fruits of your harvest, you should definitely resort to such a multi-level grinder. With the help of a pollen press, this dust can be compressed again.

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