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Simplicity is our secret for success. Most fertiliser brands on the market require customers to buy a line of products, making things expensive and complicated.

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Most fertiliser brands on the market require customers to buy a line of products, making things expensive and complicated. We aimed in the opposite direction, creating a powder product that delivers unprecedented results with minimum cost and a user-friendly approach. Easier to transport, easier to store, easier to use, and with a longer shelf life than liquid fertilisers


  • It is an ALL-IN-ONE mineral fertiliser composed of all the necessary nutrients for the plants.
  • The complexity and easy assimilation precludes any nutrient deficiency.
  • It retains the same properties for 1 week when diluted in water.
  • The salt buildup in the medium is minimal, requiring less frequent flushing.
  • Minimum effort and very easy to use. Reduces fertilisers cost.
  • 1g ≤ 1L The micro-elements proportion has been improved to keep the plants in a healthy state, with the highest production and quality.
  • A single fertiliser for the whole crop without needing to supplement it with other products.
  • Easy absorption of the nutrients without leaving toxic residues.
  • Due to its formula and its chelated micro-elements results are obtained in a few days.
  • Presented in a powder form it is very soluble in water.
  • Does not contain urea and is free of any harmful heavy metals.
  • Does not clog in watering systems.

.Powder Feeding It is a fertiliser that does not contain Calcium, which means that if you use very soft water, rain water or osmotic water, it should have a contribution of Calcium. As almost all tap water contains enough Calcium for the plants, it is possible to add tap water to the soft water source. The plants will get the Calcium they need from the CaCO3 from the tap water, and an EC of 0,3-0,4 is usually enough. If you do not want to mix it with tap water or if it is very soft, then you should add Calcium in chelated form. Do not use products with Calcium that contain more Magnesium


If you use tap water, make sure it does not contain excessive salts. If the water salt content is unknown, start as low as 0.5 g/L and work up the dose gradually, checking that the plant shows no signs of over-fertilisation or “burning”. The normal dose is 1g ≤ 1L


In hydroponics or aeroponics, it is normal to use osmotic water or tap water with very low salt content. If you decide to use tap water it is recommended to use an EC meter. The ideal value of tap water EC = 0.1-0.4.

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