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Simplicity is our secret for success. Most fertiliser brands on the market require customers to buy a line of products, making things expensive and complicated.

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At Green House Feeding we strive to deliver unprecedented results with our unique plant nutrients. Our award-winning nutrients developed by Green House Seed co. are simple and user-friendly products that are highly concentrated and target specific types of plants during all stages of growth. The ingredients use are all food grade of the highest quality made in the EU.

Offering a mineral line and a bio line, our products are cost effective, easier to use, store, and transport; and have a longer shelf life than liquid fertilizers. Keep it simple!

Green House Feeding’s objective is to provide cultivators globally with the highest quality plant nutrients enabling them to achieve unprecedented results by allowing plants to develop to their full genetic potential.

Not only creating highly efficient products but also simplifying the application of nutrients.

Our mineral products are created in powder form which ensures they are easier to use, store, transport and have a longer shelf life than liquid plant nutrients.

The main ingredients used to formulate our nutrients are sourced in Germany and Switzerland. These countries have some of the highest quality standards worldwide.

Our products do not contain PGR’s, impurities and have the lowest possible concentrations of heavy metals.

Using only the highest quality minerals allows us to provide the purest, most efficient, highly concentrated nutrients in powder form while being able to guarantee 100% solubility.

Our mineral plant nutrients retain their EC & pH-value for at least one week after mixing.

Highly concentrated stock solutions can even be kept for several months.

All our products are in compliance with CE regulations 889/2008 and 2003/2003.

Bio Feeding is our nutrient line, developed to be used for organic farming.

Bio Feeding products are a 100% biological blend of natural-minerals and organic nutrients, which provide all essential macro- and micro nutrients and promote the microbial life in the soil, helping to establish a healthy soil-food-web.

We decided to create powdered products, because a finer product creates a bigger surface that comes in contact with the soil microbial life, resulting in more efficient nutrient uptake compared to tablets or pellets.

The organic raw materials used in our Bio Feeding products are sourced in Germany and Switzerland and are all Non-GMO (Not Genetically Modified Organism).


Beneficial microbes that occur naturally in the raw ingredients (e.g. malt gerмСм, canola meal & vinasse) help to decompose the organic matter converting it into a mineral form and releasing nutrients that are readily available for the plant.

The microbial activity of the soil is improved by supplying components that can form humus.*

The raw ingredients used by theмСмelves are not always the best plant nutrition.

It is the combination of specific ingredients that creates a highly effective fertilizer.

*This process depends on the conditions of the soil (e.g. humidity, temperature, pH-value, microbial activity, organic matter content, etc.).

Green House Bio Feeding


How to use:

BioGrow needs to be mixed into the substrate. It can be used in soil, coco or similar substrates.

It can be mixed at the time of transplantation or added later as top dressing (mixed into the top layer of the soil)

The nutrients will be released constantly during a period of 8 weeks.*

*If the growth period is less than 8 weeks or the substrate is pre-fertilized, doses should be decreased. Use half dosage for seedlings and young plants (2-3 weeks old). If the growth period is longer, a second application is required (as top dressing).


Vegetative growth:

3g per Liter substrate

Mother plants:

2-3g per Liter substrate every two months (as top dressing)


Mycelium from beneficial fungus can appear on top of the substrate.

It improves microbial life inside the substrate and will not harm humans, animals or plants.

Fungi is the main agent of the decomposition of organic matter such as simple sugars, amino acids, etc.

It solubilizes minerals that are not initially available to plants.



How to use:

BioBloom needs to be mixed into the substrate. It can be used in soil, coco or similar substrates.

It can be mixed at the time of transplantation or added later as top dressing (mixed into the top layer of the soil).

The nutrients will be released constantly during a period of 8 weeks.*

*Only one application is needed for up to 8 weeks flowering time. If the flowering period is longer, a second application is required later during the cycle (as top dressing).


8 weeks flowering period: 1st week = 3g/Liter substrate

10 weeks flowering period: 1st week = 2-3g/Liter substrate

3rd week = 1g/Liter substrate

12 weeks flowering period: 1st week = 3g/Liter substrate

5th week = 1g/Liter substrate

*Reduce doses for light feeder plants and pre-fertilized soils.

Green House Powder Feeding can be used on every medium. However the feeding schedule is slightly different and if using anything than soil we recommend using a PH- and EC-meter in order to achieve the desired values and have full control over your feeding solution.

Easy Grower

If you grow on pre-fertilized soil we recommend starting using Powder Feeding 2-4 weeks after planting the seeds and to start with a mild solution (0.25g per Liter).

During the vegetative stage you can increase the feed- ing up to 0.5g per Liter.

With the beginning of the flowering stage you should slowly increase the amount of Powder Feeding until you reach 1g per Liter.

Following this schedule, there should usually be no problem and growers will achieve a good yield.

Experienced Grower

Experienced growers usually measure their feeding solution to provide the plants with the exact amount of nutrients and the correct pH value of the solution.

Whether you grow in coco, hydroponics or aeroponics – with all of these systems you should measure your pH and EC values.

When using a pH and EC meter you can optimize your growing and achieve much better results.

Steps of mixing nutrient solution:

1. a) Check pH and EC value of the water and make sure the temperature is about 18-22 degrees Celsius. You should also check if your water contains enough Calcium.

1. b) If your EC is 0,0 (using RO or rain water) you need to add Calcium to your water before adding Powder Feeding. Make sure your EC rises up to 0.3-0.4 EC

2. Add Powder Feeding and mix well for 2-3 minutes, and then measure the EC value. If necessary repeat until you reach the desired value.

3. When you reached the desired EC value, wait for 15-30 min.

4. Then measure the PH and if necessary adjust it using PH up or PH down – mix good for 2-3 minutes and wait again 15-30 minutes before measuring.

5. When you reached the desired values, feed your plants.

To keep every dose accurate our 10 gr. dosage spoon is INCLUDED!

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