Lampshades for grow lighting.

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A reflector ensures that the light in your cultivation cannot go in all directions. The lamp is therefore mounted under a reflector. This ensures that the light is reflected downwards and distributed over the entire surface. Your plants do not lose valuable light and the efficiency of the light source is maximized.

In addition, the use of a reflector reduces the formation of hot spots. These are places where a lot of light and heat collects, which can damage your plants. The reflection distributes the light evenly and prevents damage that would otherwise occur.

Thanks to the practically assembled lighting sets, all lighting accessories are assembled in just a few clicks.

The special shape of the Adjust-a-Wings reflectors offers several advantages. Due to the design of these reflectors, an up to 20% higher light output can be achieved. Thanks to an innovative production process and high-quality materials, these reflectors can be used to illuminate larger surfaces.

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