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Lamps for indoor growing are often warm. To regulate the temperature in your grow tent / grow room you can better extract that heat. This can be done with the aid of an extractor, a piece of pipe, and some hose clamps. A carbon filter can also be connected to this in order to eliminate any odor. The fans are to create a breeze in an indoor plantation.

On the one hand, ventilation in a home cultivation is important to keep the temperature under control and on the other hand it is important to filter unpleasant odors. Most plants grown at home are in small furnished rooms or in special grow tents.

To ensure that the heat radiated by the lamps does not go to the tops of the plants, it is necessary to install an extractor that draws the warm air out of the room. With the fan you can choose from different types, such as duct fans or so-called snail shell fans.

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