The specialist in the field of ( organic ) plant food.We offer high-quality, highly concentrated, natural organic stimulators for plants, shrubs and trees. They increase the crop and improve the firmness of the plant in a short time.

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Bac is a producer of fertilizer, stimulators, fortifiers for plants and organic fertilizers for organic and others. In 15 years of time, Bac has managed to forge a solid reputation within the large offer on the market.

Bac refers to Biological Activated Cocktail. Bac focuses on organic culture. The Frits initiator has large agricultural knowledge. For many years, he has acquired knowledge in the culture of roses, and he still uses his expertise as an advisor in agriculture and horticulture, in the Netherlands and abroad. It is fairly renowned in India and South America for its large knowledge in the field of soil life and microorganisms, a specialization which explains its penchant for biological culture.

Organic products

Do you want to cultivate your cultures in a biological way and you are looking for organic fertilizers that allow you to achieve a good harvest? In this case, we recommend the biological products of BAC.

Bac has developed a series of products that meet the requirements laid down in organic cultivation.

Biological products Bac:

Flowering fertilizer

Growth fertilizer

pk booster

Fortifying for plants

Other products

What are biological fertilizers?

If, as a farmer, you want to cultivate more sustainable and more ecological, organic fertilizers can play an important role. There are also a number of advantages compared to chemical fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers are fertilizers which are entirely made up of natural raw materials of plant or animal origin. The nutrients contained in organic fertilizers, especially nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, are released when microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi destroy fertilizers. The range of organic baccalaureate products is made up only of vegetable raw materials and can therefore wear the "vegan" label.

The advantages of organic fertilizers.

Bac biological fertilizers have many advantages:

Using organic fertilizers, a larger amount of organic matter penetrates the soil and it becomes healthier and more fertile.

They provide an airy soil structure.

They have a longer duration of action.

Little or no leachate of nutrients.

No risk of root damage.

Respect for the environment

A great advantage of the use of organic fertilizers is that they improve the structure of the soil. The use of organic fertilizers in combination with bin stimulators increases microbiological activity in the soil. Organic materials are decomposed and transformed by life in the soil into humic acids and amino acids. This process requires oxygen that is attracted from the outside. The result is fertile soil with a lot of biodiversity. A good structure, from which the plant can obtain sufficient nutrition and humidity, ensures a good healthy harvest, with great resistance to diseases and parasites.

Mineral fertilizer

Are you looking for fertilizers that stimulate your cultures in the growth and flowering phase? At Bac Online you can find the most complete types of mineral fertilizers.

The fertilizers are composed of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. These elements contribute to the growth, flowering and solidity of the plant. The calcium and magnesium elements were also added. The calcium element allows you to neutralize the acidity rate, due to which the soil is not too acidic. The magnesium element contributes to a pretty green color of the foliage, so that the plant is pretty.

Bac online provides different kinds of mineral fertilizers:

Furming for land

Coconut diet

F1 Extreme Booster

Hydro fertilizer


What are mineral fertilizers?

Plants, like humans and animals, need nutrients to push and develop. The quantity and the correct ratio of "NPK" are of great importance here. NPK is the relationship between nitrogen (n), phosphate (p) and potassium (k) in a fertilizer. These are elements that the plant always needs as a stable base.

Mineral fertilizers, better known as artificial or inorganic fertilizers, are not entirely made up of natural raw materials. Fertilizers are created after an industrial process (chemical). However, all the elements in artificial fertilizers are elements that are also found in nature.

The greatest advantage of artificial fertilizersis that Bac has developed a certain number of recipes which are precisely adapted to the needs of the plant. Depending on the cultivated environment, fertilization can be very targeted. All the necessary elements are present and the plant does not have to "choose" what it needs. The nutrients of mineral fertilizers act almost always faster than those of biological fertilizers.

The disadvantage of mineral fertilizers is that they do not contribute to soil health, because they are made up of all kinds of salts. The use of bac stimulators is therefore highly recommended.

If the fertilizer is poorly used, the salts can accumulate around the roots of the plant and cause damage to the roots.

Biological stimulators for plants

Are you looking for biological stimulators for plants? We offer different powerful biological stimulators for plants, of high quality. These products stimulate the growth of plants, shrubs and trees. They increase resistance and act quickly.

Bac Online offers different biological stimulators for plants:

Biological stimulator for roots: by this biological stimulator for plants, the midst of roots is better protected against different kinds of soil diseases. In addition, the growth of good microorganisms is stimulated. The roots and rhizoids benefit from it. The sophisticated combination of bio stimulators allows solid and rapid growth in roots.

Biological flowering stimulator: this biological stimulator for plants stimulates the flowering of plants. For many plants, the flowering period is the largest period of the cycle. Thanks to this biological growth stimulator, the flowering period is anticipated. In addition, this flowering period will last longer.

Biological final solution: It is a biological stimulator for plants which allows rapid fermentation of waste which is around the roots and rhizoids. This product is suitable to revalue organic fertilizer.

Bio Clone: The biological stimulator for organic clone plants is a natural gel which allows optimal start of cutting equipment, rapid roots and an exuberant growth amplifier of your plant.

X-SEED: This biological stimulator for plants is a revolutionary product to accelerate the germination of seeds.

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