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Looking to save money? Looking to grow plants indoors? Our grow tent kits are perfect, they offer high quality brands and everything you need for a perfect planting.

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From the high-quality and powerful lighting to the handy garden accessories, we've included all our favorite tools to make indoor growing easy and productive. All you need to get started is plants, soil and water!

Keep clutter in check and maintain your privacy with our indoor grow tent kits & complete grow room kits Welcome to your grow tent on steroids. Every part of our grow tent kit works together to maintain a healthy and productive indoor garden, so you can grow healthy plants in the comfort of your own home.

A timer is useful as an extra accessory in the grow box complete set to set the lighting duration as desired.

A digital thermohygrometer always gives you an overview of the temperature and humidity. The high and low values are stored so that you are also aware of, for example, night-time temperature fluctuations.

Our complete grow kits contain everything you need to successfully grow plants in your own four walls. We have optimally matched the components in all sets so that you can achieve the best result.

  • Perfectly matched components.
  • Only proven top products.

The grow box is the basis for your indoor cultivation. It serves as a large greenhouse where you can grow your plants. The plant tent not only contains your plants, but also serves as your own climate zone, reflective material and storage space for your accessories.

Grow tents come in many different sizes, from mini to XXL. Depending on the number of plants you want and the available space, you will find the perfect set for your growing project with us.

In our sets you will find breeding cabinets from Secret Jardin. In our budget grow kits we use Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot boxes. In our premium and LED sets you will find the Dark Street or Room.

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