Various extractors for indoor cultivation.

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Extractors are designed to extract warm air from your grow room or grow tent. With large extractors you can remove odor by connecting a carbon filter. Small models can also be used to blow air into a grow room, that prevents underpressure.

Exhaust fans, also known as extractors, are one of the most important components of any ventilation system, as they extract the polluted air to the outside, creating space for fresh air. The exhaust fan should have enough power to guarantee the air exchange in the entire grow room several times an hour - or even at shorter intervals. How strong the fan should be depends not only on the size of the grow room, but above all on the chosen plant lighting and the associated heat development. The larger the room and the higher the temperature of the light sources, the more power the extractor needs.

The ideal place to place a ventilation fan is as high as possible, warm air rises and can best be discharged here. Conversely, this in turn means that the fresh air inlet is best placed near the floor.

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