Plagron is a reliable producer of high quality substrates, basic nutrients and additives. These products can be used by every kind of grower and guarantee the best yields.

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More than twenty-five years of experience have enabled us to grow from a small worm breeding business to an international company that is among the top in the market. In our Research & Development centre in the Dutch town of Ospel, we develop and produce products on a large scale.

Grow styles :

Different grow styles are the foundation of our broad range of products. We have divided all our substrates, fertilisers and additives into five categories, which we have given a colour: 100% NATURAL (green), 100% TERRA (red), 100% COCO (orange), 100% HYDRO (blue) and UNIVERSAL (purple). You will see these colours on every single item, from the packaging to the catalogue. The good thing about this classification is that you start by choosing a grow style (100% NATURAL, 100% TERRA, 100% COCO or 100% HYDRO), each with its own substrates and basic nutrient. You can then infinitely combine the products from this grow style with all the additives (UNIVERSAL).

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