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CannaZym 0,5l

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Cannazym contains phosphorus and potassium. This combination helps stimulate the rapid growth of plant roots. Potassium is an enzyme activator and is involved in virtually all important functions in the plant while phosphorus is involved in the formation of oil, sugars and starch and stimulates flowering and the formation of fruits.

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How does Cannazym work?

Enzymes are substances that speed up reactions in living organisms. (For example, they play a crucial role during our digestion). Cannazym triggers the activation of enzymes and its ingredients are essential for the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). The nutrients in Cannazym also play an important role in activating many enzymes associated with plant growth. By adding Cannazym, you help promote root growth and nutrient absorption. Cannazym can also help to achieve better tolerance of the plant to stress.

Better health.

Several easily absorbable vitamins have been added to Cannazym. They stimulate the plant during the formation of new roots.

Prevents rot and fungi.

The remains of dead roots are a food source for pathogenic bacteria and fungi. These fungi cause stress for the entire plant and stunt its growth. With Cannazym you suppress this threat. Cannazyme also prevents putrefaction, so the formation of toxic substances is minimized and the risk of disease is significantly reduced.

Break down waste.

Roots are constantly dying in a natural process of renewal. The enzymes in Cannazym quickly convert the dead plant material into minerals and sugars. This benefits good bacteria, which help absorb nutrients and protect the roots against fungi.

Better carrots.

Dead roots are quickly cleaned up, resulting in a better air/water ratio. The living roots get more oxygen and space, so they will develop better. To support this process, we have added a number of vitamins to Cannazym that stimulate root growth. The healthier root system is reflected one-on-one in the vitality of the plant and the quality of the yield.

Balanced lightness.

Cannazyme improves the soil environment. A rapid breakdown of root remains ensures a balanced water balance and airiness in the root environment.

Nutrient absorption.

Cannazyme consists of more than 12 different types of enzymes to which vitamins and extracts of desert plants are added. These elements improve the absorption of nutrients and the plant's immune system. Vitamins also stimulate the production of hormones.