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Grow Lighting Set Lumatek CMH

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This reliable digital ballast has been successfully used in cultivation facilities around the word and uses square wave technology to efficiently fire and operate 315W Ceramic Metal Halide (also known as CMH/CDM/LEC) lamps.

What are CMH lamps?

The CMH lamps (Ceramic Metal Halide) are a new generation of halogen metal halide (MH) lamps. The main technical difference between the two models is that the gas discharge tubes of the CMH lamps are made of composite ceramics, while the traditional MHs use quartz.

The spectrum also includes ultraviolet and infrared radiation, which is a real benefit for your plants to grow and bloom. Their price is higher, but you will soon be able to save energy costs.

The new ceramic tubes can withstand much higher temperatures. With other HID lamps (high pressure discharge lamps), the temperature in the quartz tube has to be lowered by means of a gas mixture which, however, cannot achieve an ideal light spectrum for the development of the plants. The more heat-resistant ceramic of the CMH lamps, on the other hand, allows a perfect gas combination and thus an optimal light spectrum.

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