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The temperature and air humidity in your grow room important to achieve a good result. You can keep an eye on this with a thermo-hygrometer. With the Cli-Mate Controllers you can create the ideal climate for your indoor garden.

The climatic conditions in your grow box are constantly changing. For example, when the lights are on, the temperature rises, causing the relative humidity to fall. Or if watered, the humidity increases due to increased evaporation. Larger deviations from the desired values deteriorate the condition, growth and flowering of your plants. That is why there are devices that respond to the smallest deviations and try to optimize the desired conditions.

With our climate controllers you can intelligently control the exhaust air and some devices also the supply air in your grow cabinet according to your needs. The devices measure climate factors such as humidity, temperature and negative pressure and adjust the speed of the fans accordingly. The desired values can be set directly on the devices using the rotary knob and the controller ensures that these values are adhered to as closely as possible.

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