Sylvania Grolux 250 Watt

Sylvania Grolux 250 Watt

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The Sylvania 250 Watt Grolux is a high-pressure sodium super lamp optimizing the red/blue output of the light spectrum essential for plant growth.

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The Sylvania 250 Watt Grolux is suitable for a plethora of applications related to plant growth.

The patented arc tube delivers the highest possible photosynthetic efficiency and performance is maintained at an exceptional level due to improved structure of the outer bulb.

The Sylvania SHP-TS 250W Grolux is optimized for high Phytolumen or PAR output.

Item description:

  • Bulb shape: Tubular
  • Bulb finish / Light colour: Clear
  • Cap: E40
  • Diameter D: [mm] 48
  • Colour temperature (K): 2050