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Terra Aquatica Urtimax 1l

Terra Aquatica Urtimax 1l

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In the treatment of chlorosis, as a source of organic silica, fortifying and modular antiparasitic: Urtimax is a versatile organic product.

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Urtimax stimulates growth, combats chlorosis and mineral deficiencies, and improves resistance to parasites. Urtimax is a quality nettle manure, similar to those made by gardeners since the dawn of time. Obtained by simple fermentation of nettles in water, Urtimax offers your plants exceptional protection and nutrition.

Nettle is exceptionally rich in silica and iron and contains high levels of nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, microelements, enzymes and trace elements. Like “kelp”, nettle manure is a natural elicitor: it stimulates the immune defenses of plants and improves their resistance to insects and diseases.

How to use it:

Use diluted as a foliar spray or add to water or a nutrient solution, during growth, at the start of flowering or as needed.

  • In solution: 30 ml/l.
  • Foliar spray: 20 ml/l.

Use with:

  • All types of plants, fertilizers and substrates, in hydroponics and outdoors.
  • Particularly effective as a natural treatment for chlorosis.