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Empower your plants. High yield fertilizers, nutritive solutions in and out of soil.

Terra Aquatica has developed a whole range of fertilizers and hydroponic growing systems to allow you to control your plantations with complete peace of mind and ensure a generous harvest. Simply follow the application charts on all bottles of Terra Aquatica fertilisers or solutions to ensure vitality and productivity for your plants, whatever the substrate (hydroponics, soil, coco, etc.). Your crops are under control!

Mineral fertiliser solutions.
Specific fertilisers & nutritional supplements.
Flushing substrate and maintenance solution.
pH management.
Organic fertiliser.
Organic biostimulants Root Development.
Organic biostimulants Flowering / Fruiting.
Universal Organic biostimulants.
Beneficial microorganisms.
Immune system activator.
Hydroponics system.

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