Plagron Vita Race 0.1l - 1

Plagron Vita Race 0.1l

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Plagron Vita Race is an organic foliar fertiliser and growth stimulator for the growth phase and the first three weeks of the flowering phase.

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It provides the plant with the necessary amino acids, trace elements, natural minerals and essential natural hormones, which accelerates the growth and prepares the plant for flowering.

Vita Race also increases the plants resistance, which contributes to the development of a healthy plant.

  • Stimulates and accelerates growth and flowering.
  • Enhances resistance.
  • Gives protection against high salt concentrations.
  • Protects the plant from drying out.
  • Stimulates the production of chlorophyll.
  • Stimulates branching and fruit formation.

Usage and dose :

  • Add a maximum of 5 ml of Vita Race per 1 litre of water (1:200).
  • Spray the plant with this nutrient solution weekly, up to and including the third week of the flowering phase.
  • For optimal results apply enough to make sure the liquid is dripping from the leaves.

Composition : EG-meststof Ijzermeststof in oplossing hydroxide (OH) en fosfaat (PO4) 8 % Ijzer (FE) oplosbaar in water.