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Plagron produces an extensive range of high-quality substrates, basic nutrients and additives. These products are available for every type of grower and guarantee the best breeding performance.

Plagron is a reliable manufacturer and worldwide supplier of high-quality high quality products. A leading company with a wide range of substrates, basic nutrients and additives. Has more than twenty-five years of experience ensured that we have grown from a small worm farm to an international company that belongs to the top of the market. In our own R&D center in the Netherlands Ospel, we develop and produce various types of products on a large scale.

Growing Styles

At the base of our range are the growing styles. we already have our substrates, basic nutrients and additives divided into five categories. We have provided these with a color: 100% NATURAL (green), 100% TERRA (red), 100% COCO (orange), 100% HYDRO (blue) and UNIVERSAL (purple). See this color you come back to all utterances, from packaging to catalog. First you choose for a grow style (100% NATURAL, 100% TERRA, 100% COCO or 100% HYDRO) with own substrates and basic foods. Then you can you the products from this growing style endlessly combine with all additives (UNIVERSAL).

Quality guarantee

Plagron guarantees quality high-quality products with a constant composition. This will be made possible by the in-house present quality department which monitors the quality of raw material to the finished product and the various process steps routinely checks. The selection of raw material suppliers are thereby done carefully. Also, our end products regularly analyzed by a recognized external laboratory


Many of the 100% NATURAL products van Plagron are certified by Control Union. These products have been specially developed for the organic cultivation. Our assortment also contains substrates that are RHP certified. The RHP quality mark guarantees the right quality requirements and sustainable origin of the substrate.

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