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Plagron Hydro Roots 0.25l

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Promotes root growth and increases resistance. Hydro Roots is a root strengthening additive containing phosphorus and boron.

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These different components both have their own specific function. The combination of these ensures an increased absorption of nutrients. The carefully selected mineral elements have a direct and positive effect on the root system of your plants. Hydro Roots promotes root initiation and growth. It provides more branches in the root system (secondary roots) and thickens the root hairs. As a result, Hydro Roots improves the root architecture. A well-developed root system improves the growth of your plants by increasing the absorption of nutrients and water.

Dosage and use:

  • Shake before use.
  • Add 1 ml of Hydro Roots per liter of water (1:1000).
  • Use this nutrient solution with every watering up to and including the third week of the flowering phase for plants with a short cycle.

What is the difference between Hydro Roots and Power Roots ?

The main difference is that Power Roots contains organic elements, making it less suitable for use in an irrigation system. Plagron has developed Hydro Roots, which is strictly mineral, so it won't cause problems in your irrigation system. Basically, Power Roots is better suited for hand feeding and Hydro Roots is better suited for system feeding. If you do decide to use Power Roots, make sure to clean your system regularly.

Until when can I give my plant Hydro Roots?

You want the plant to have enough roots at the beginning of the flowering phase, so that it can use its energy to flower. Therefore, stop giving Hydro Roots after the third week of the flowering phase.

Can I use Hydro Roots in combination with other products?

We recommend using Hydro Roots with Hydro A+B, Green Sensation and Power Buds. However, all our additives can eventually be combined. You can mix to your heart's content!

Hydro Roots does not contain any organic elements. This makes it suitable for growing in hydroponics. It also guarantees that the nutrient solution remains stable for longer.

Properties :

NPK: 0-20-0 Boron: 0.23% Phosphorus: 20.47%