Plagron Pure Zym 0.5l

Plagron Pure Zym 0.5l

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Accelerates nutrient absorption and reduces the risk of diseases.

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Plagron Pure Zym is a soil improver based on natural enzymes.

It promotes the accelerated breakdown of dead plant material so they release additional nutrients that stimulate soil life.

Pure Zym also increases the ability to absorb oxygen and protects the plant against diseases.

Instructions :

  • Shake well before use.
  • Add 1 ml of Pure Zym per 1 litre of water (1:1000).
  • Use this solution each time the plants are irrigated during the entire cultivation period.

Composition :

Water, sorbitol, sugar, cellulase enzymes, beta-glucanase enzymes, Stabilised enzyme solution with declared activity: 274 BPU and 2 FBG.

Advantages of Pure Zym :

  • Gives protection against the build-up of harmful salts.
  • Increases oxygen absorption capacity.
  • Rapid intake of nutrition for strong growth and flowering.

Tips from Plagron :

  • Use Pure Zym to rinse the substrate before re-use.