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Hesi PH Down 1l

Hesi PH Down 1l

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The pH-value of the nutrient solutions For cultivation with hydro and coco it is necessary that the feeding water is set to a certain pH-value.

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This pH range is around pH 6 (5.8 - 6.2). But small deviations above or below this value are still acceptable.

The reason for this is that the feeding water determines the root environment because the hydroponic mediums are neutral and only give support to the roots, they cannot store the nutrient particles.

For soil this is different, since it is able to store the nutrients and distribute them to the plant over several days, during which the pH value in the soil itself decreases. The feeding water for hydro and coco cultivation however actually runs along the roots and must at this point contain all substances in the proper concentration required by the plant. That is also why the pH-value must be optimal at the moment of feeding, in order to be able to absorb all nutrients maximally.

If the pH is much lower, the roots could be damaged.

If the pH is much higher, the plant can no longer absorb all nutritional components.