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Additional vital substances act as a balm on the plants increasing their energy. This makes growing indoor, garden and patio plants a real pleasure.

At the Hesi factory in Kerkrade (Netherlands), all products are mixed, filled and packaged by our own efforts, before being shipped directly to customers.

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Hesi Boosters :

Boosters help to get the soil flora going quickly, they clean up the planting medium and give the plant's metabolism an extra boost.

Hesi Coco :

Hesi Coco is the nutrient for growth and flowering on coco substrates. Like all Hesi food, Hesi Coco is also stabilized thanks to complex-binding substances and free of unnecessary ballast.

Hesi Earth :

Earth culture differs from hydro systems in many ways. Earth retains water and nutrients longer and unused substances accumulate.

Hesi Hydro :

Hesi Hydro nutrition immediately provides all the necessary nutrients to the water in such a concentration that the nutrients can be sufficiently absorbed while passing through the roots.

Hesi is a thriving international company with a global reach, including Europe, America, Asia and South America, with a personal touch and a down-to-earth approach.

Only if the end user is satisfied, we are also satisfied!

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