Hesi Pro-Line Hydro Growth 1l

Hesi Pro-Line Hydro Growth 1l

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Hesi Pro-Line Hydro Growth contains proportionally more nitrogen components than Hesi Pro-Line Hydro Bloom, because in the growth phase the plant uses a lot more nitrogen for the production of new plant parts.

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The vital components are fully geared to the growth period, and this is why the plant is pampered in a hydro medium as well.

Hesi Pro-Line Hydro supplement is available in a growth and bloom version.  In Hesi Pro-Line Hydro Growth and Bloom the usual A and B components have been united in one bottle. This provides a maximum of comfort along with optimal nutrition.

Hesi Pro-Line Hydro contains complex-binding substances that keep the trace elements stable and make them tolerant to the nutritional components.  Because of this they remain stable until they are absorbed by the plant. Furthermore, the complex-binding substances make the trace elements independent of the pH-value, so that these remain available at every level.

All Hesi supplements are enriched with vitamins and other vital elements that take extra care of the plant and enhance its growth and flowering, but also encourage the development of micro-organisms in the medium. Especially in hydro systems, a healthy medium is important because the systems do not contain biological microbes in the beginning.