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BAC is a producer of plant nutrients, stimulants and enhancers for organic and traditional cultivation.

Since 2000 we have grown into a global player in the nursery industry, thanks to our extensive knowledge of cultivation and our large product range.

Biological Activated Cocktail.

BAC stands for Biological Activated Cocktail. Although our focus is on organic cultivation, we also support traditional growers. Initiator Frits Visser is very much at home in all agricultural markets. He has accrued many years of expertise in the cultivation of roses and still uses his skills as a consultant in agriculture and horticulture, not just in the Netherlands but further afield too. His extensive knowledge of soil life and micro-organisms – a specialisation that explains his preference for organic cultivation – has given him a degree of prominence in India and South America.

From individual product sales to the delivery of turnkey projects BAC is always there for every grower. Whether you buy single products or request a turn-key project, we are always delighted to help you. For larger growers, we develop or adjust recipes as required. Together with you, we ensure the most fertile soil, a healthy crop and high-quality end products. This establishes a solid foundation for an enjoyable, long-term relationship.

Our products.

In recent years, we have developed several products that we supply both under our own name and under private label:

organic products
mineral products
plant stimulants

Our organic products consist mainly of soil improvers. A healthy soil, nourished with natural elements, creates a diverse soil life, makes crops more resistant to diseases and ensures better and tastier end products. For some nurseries, the use of organic products is not feasible. In such cases, we recommend our mineral products. Plant stimulants contribute to the growth of micro-organisms. They convert organic fertiliser or biofertiliser into individual elements that the crop can absorb more easily. This ensures optimum growth.

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