Greenbat Granule 3 kg

Greenbat is well suited to the fertilization of all plants (ornamental, floral, vegetable, fruit), whether in the ground or in pots, thanks to its progressive and long-lasting action on the growth of vegetive parts.

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Greenbat helps to quickly stimulate plant growth and improves the mineral balance of the soil. All plants can benefit. Rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, it brings many trace elements to your soil. It is the most effective natural fertilizer for fast action, with a whiplash effect.

You can use it on all your plants at the end of the winter or in the spring (preparation of the soil before sowing, plantations ...). You will need to spread Greenbat then incorporate it on the ground when digging or repotting before watering abundantly. Greenbat can also be applied during the high season, it will be buried by simple scratching before watering.

Due to its high content of NPK, organic matter and microbial flora, Greenbat can be used at low doses for maximum yield. Greenbat allows for powerful root development and rapid growth, prepares for exuberant flowering, and allows your fruit and flowering plants to produce fruit and flowers bursting with flavor.

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