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Air-Pot Super-Roots 12.5l

Air-Pot Super-Roots 12.5l

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Air-Pot containers have unusual cuspated walls, sort of an egg box configuration, made up of closed inward pointing cones and open ended outward pointing cones.

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There are no flat surfaces on the inside of the container to deflect roots and start the spiralling process. The inward pointing cones direct the roots further outward to the open ended cones where, because the air density in the soil is too great, the roots dehydrate and are effectively pruned.

The plant responds to this "air-pruning" by sending out more roots to compensate for the loss which leads to a dense root system with a vast number of active white tipped roots. The porosity of the Air-Pot wall also creates better conditions for bacterial activity and thus increases the amount of nutrients available to the plant. With so much root right back to the stem, the root system is very efficient in its use of all the available water and nutrient. Plant vigour and health is therefore guaranteed.

All Air-Pot containers must be assembled so that the cones with holes are pointing outwards.

Assembly Instructions:

For Air-Pot containers :

up to 50 Litres Your Air-Pot products will be delivered as a flat pack, ready to be assembled, so the first thing to do is to unpack your Air-Pot Kits and check that all the walls, bases and green fixings are there. Lay out the walls with the holes pointing down. The cones without holes, are at the top of the pot. (This helps stop the water run out when you irrigate). It is easiest if this top edge is lying away from you on your bench. You will find a long cone, 3 rows up from the bottom of the wall, and this edge should be closest to you

N.B. The 1, 3 & 5 litre Air-Pot Originals do not have this longer cone. The holes at the bottom of all Air-Pots containers are bigger to allow more air flow below the base. Place the base in the groove 3 rows up or above the long cones. (Only 2 rows up in the 1 litre). The flat side of the base should face down and the ribbed, or rounded side, should be facing up into the compost. Wrap the left side over the base first. Then the right side comes and wraps over the left. The cones of the overlap nestle into each other to form the pot. Screw in the fixing at the top of the Air-Pot wall, through the overlap in the first row below the reservoir. Screw in until tight. Up to and including the 5 litre Air-Pot container only one fixing is required.

For bigger pots the second fixing should be screwed through the overlap just above the base, (4th row from the bottom.). At the end of the season simply unscrew the fixing and store the Air-Pot wall flat until the next time it is required.

Height 27.5cm Outside Diameter 30.6cm