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Metrop is a company that specializes in high-quality liquid plant foods for agriculture, horticulture and hobby cultivation.

Metrop Plant fertilizers.

Through years of cultivation and testing experience, Metrop Hydroponics approaches the crops differently than most other food producers. The main idea behind this is to give what a crop can absorb the most at every stage of the growth and flowering cycle.

Plant feeds are developed and improved by Metrop through a nutrient analysis of the plant juice every 2 weeks in a growth and flowering cycle.

Because we at Metrop use different raw materials for our plant feeds than other plant food suppliers, we are able to make larger NPK differences, which results in better and larger crop development.

These "more expensive" raw materials are free of cadmium and other heavy metals and contain virtually no chlorine. This means a healthier end product for the grower and consumer with a better taste .

Metrop plant foods are biodegradable .

Our Philosophy.

There are many types of plant foods on the market. Many plant nutrition suppliers release separate nutrients for soil, coco and hydro culture, spore mixes, missing links, tablets (they cannot keep them soluble without problems) and so on. They pretend to have a lot of knowledge and cultivation experience in house but "get" knowledge from elsewhere without understanding it and showing photos of others.

Most of these products are superfluous and have only one function and that is to knock as much money as possible out of the pocket of a grower or retailer.

Metrop does not participate in this. A plant that grows on rock wool needs no other building materials than a plant that grows on earth. It only needs a little more on rock wool hydroponics because there are already some of these elements in the soil and not in rock wool. All a grower needs to do is adjust his breeding schedule to the type of medium he uses.

Hence the Metrop plant food line without deception.

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