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Light and Heavyweight champion For a Can-Filter, size doesn’t matter. Even our smallest filter is a champion in its own class.

Filled with the best carbon and provided with a premium pre-filter, even our smallest filter can compete with any other competitor.

Proven reliability.

You’re looking for one or more filters which are reliable, long-lasting and without fuss. The filters and fans from Can-Filters and Can-Fan are proven reliable. You don’t become Market leader for no reason! Our filter ranges have a lifespan of a minimum of 18 months up to 30 months. By cleverly varying between heavy and light carbon, carbon bed thickness , in combination with the right fan, there’s always a filter that suits your needs.

The best airflow.

Our product developers have found the right balance between openness of the mesh and the carbon particles. That’s why our filters outperform any other brand on the market.


The “lightweight” filter from Can-Filters. Literally speaking that is performance wise an absolute heavyweight. Thanks to its lightweight carbon, the Lite-filters are more practical and easy to use and they have a minimum lifespan of 18 months. There are 13 version ranging from 150 m³/h up to 4500 m³/h.

Carbon is just Carbon right ?

Not entirely. Carbon that is used in the Can-Filters has an average adsorption capacity of 60%-65% of its total weight. This is very high. Can-Filters doesn’t cut or hold back on the amount of carbon in the Filters. Our Motto: The more carbon your filter contains the better!


So Carbon is like a sponge? No, A sponge absorbs, Carbon Adsorbs. The difference is just one 1 letter, however it works completely different, Carbon catches the odor-molecules that are blown into its pores and doesn’t release them

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