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Biotabs Orcatrex 1l

Biotabs Orcatrex 1l

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  • Growth & Flowering booster
  • Either Indoor or Outdoor
  • For veg. flowers, herbs, trees & shrubs
  • Perfect for soil or Coco Certified
  • 100% Organic
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Orgatrex Biological Plant Drink 5-1-5.

For both the growing and flowering cycle.

Maybe be used as a liquid fertiliser for vegetables; flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs. Use 2 ml per litre of water, with each watering, during the growing and flowering phases.

For potted and in-ground plants.

To be used as a component of the BioTabs organic growing & flowering method.

An Orgatrex/water solution may be stored for two days.

Keep cool, shake well or stir before use.

Ingredients :

This product contains; alfalfa meal, mixed molasses, kali vinasse, silicon oxide and rock dust as a basis for available micronutrients.

5-1-5 N:P:K + balanced quantities of Zn, Cu, Ca, Mn, Mg, S, Si and Fe.

For optimal results, combine Orgatrex with beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi, such as Bactrex and Mycotrex.