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Yellow Glue Traps x 10
  • Yellow Glue Traps x 10
  • Yellow Glue Traps x 10

Yellow Glue Traps x 10

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Protect your plants with these yellow glue traps. Non-toxic and odorless insect trap with a strong attracting effect for effective control of whitefly, leafminer, thrips, cicadas, weeping mosquitoes and aphids.

Suitable for organic indoor cultivation.

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Yellow sticky traps control a range of insect pests including whitefly, thrips, leafminer and aphid in the grow tent or greenhouse. Double-sided sticky traps.

Size of each trap: 25cm x 15cm.

Small flying insects are attracted to the unique yellow color and stick to the non-drying glue that covers the trap

Many insect pests are difficult to control with insecticides. Catching the winged insects with VG Garden before they reach the plants slows down the build up of pests. Existing insect populations can also be reduced.

How to use:

Remove the protective paper from the traps and hang them just above the plants using the wire provided. If adults are already present, tap the plants to disturb them.

Additional traps can be used near vents and doors to catch insects flying in from outside.