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Gavita Pro 6 750e DE Flex

Gavita Pro 6 750e DE Flex

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Gavita Pro line HPS fixtures are the professional standard for efficient climate room lighting. Running on standard 240 Volt they power the high voltage horticultural electronic lamps, which are superior in spectrum, light output and light maintenance over time.

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The Pro line fixtures all have the following unique features:

  • Completely sealed housing with GORE-TEX ® ventilation plug.
  • No moving parts.
  • Completely silent and cool to the touch.
  • Suitable for high frequency 400V electronic horticultural lamps with.
  • 10-25% more output than traditional HPS lamps.
  • High light maintenance: >95% per year so you only need to change your lamp once per year.
  • Replaceable 96% efficient Gavita HR96 reflector for optimal efficiency.
  • Controllable output: dim or boost your light to adjust it to changing circumstances or grow phases.
  • Soft dim which gradually changes the output when switched, eliminating stress on the lamp.
  • Equipped with very high frequency Gavita electronics (>100 kHz).
  • No electromagnetic interference problems through the integrated design.
  • Comes with the new Gavita Pro 750 Watt 400 Volt EL DE lamp, 1500 µmol s-1.
  • Input Voltage: 230-240 Volt (± 10%).
  • Adjustable: 400/500/600/750/825 Watt.
  • Lights more than 1,5 square meters with 1000 µmol m2 s-1