Spectrum King 602GH
  • Spectrum King 602GH
  • Spectrum King 602GH
  • Spectrum King 602GH
  • Spectrum King 602GH

Spectrum King SK602GH

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The only LED-grow light that is even brighter than the SK600, is the SK602+GH. The Spectrum King SK602+GH therefore is the most powerful LED-grow light available in the market.



At first sight, the SK602+GH and its predecessor (the SK600), are quite similar, yet taking a closer look there are some differences in the exterior. Firstly, the casing of the SK602+GH is somewhat lower, has a much simpler construction and is colored white. The advantage of white casing, is that it better reflects the heat of neighbouring lights than black casing does. As part of the new casing, also the shape and number of vent holes has been changed. These changes have made the SK602 +GH more resistant to water than its predecessor and moreover it has greater cooling capacities. Another great difference is the height of the reflector. It still spreads the light under an angle of 90°, yet due to the larger reflection surfaces more light is guided into the right direction. Together with the new reflector, also the latest CREE-LEDs are incorporated in the SK602+GH. As such, in comparison with the old SK600, the amount of light on the culture surface, the place where it is needed most, is increased by 15-20%. The fact that more light also results in greater culture surface is shown by a footprint with impressive dimensions of nearly 6 m².


The Spectrum King technicians typically assume that natural sunlight is best for your plants. For that reason the SK602+GH LED-grow light was equipped with a Full Spectrum light range in which plants will feel very comfortable through each of their growing stages.