Kind LED XD75 Grow

With the XD75, Kind Led introduces a LED Bar Light on the market, specifically designed for Intra Canopy lighting.

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‘Intra Canopy’ lighting means using LED grow lights among the crops. Intra Canopy lighting is intended as an additional lighting source, besides the LED of HPS-lighting that provides the crop with lighting from above.


The XD75 has a string of LEDs on two sides that emit the light into two opposite directions. When positioned in the right spot among the leaves, this LED Bar Light provides your plants with light in places that would otherwise be in the shade. It’s obvious that this form of extra lighting is extremely useful. The extra amount of light in dark places increases the photosynthesis and incites your plants to more evaporation of moisture. As a result, a significantly larger quantity of nutrients is transported towards the leaves, fruits or flowers, with faster growing, fuller foliage and significantly higher yield of fruits or flowers.