Kind LED XC150 Flowering

The XC150 is the first model of Kind Led to be fitted with COB’s.

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The COB (Chip On Board) technology implies that the microprocessor used is an integral part of the electronic circuit. The main advantages of this technology are a most accurate colour mixture of the composing wavelengths, a much more powerful light, better cooling and an utterly compact electronic circuit that takes up little space. The latter in particular ensures that COB LED’s can be implemented as complete, stand-alone light sources that can be easily combined into a larger whole.


For the XC150 of Kind Led this results in a very powerful and efficient LED Bar Light that comes into its own in any cultivation setting. For example, the XC150 is excellently suitable for use in high rooms and (as such) ideal as additional lighting in the greenhouse horticulture. But also as main lighting in lightproof areas, such as warehouses, attics or basements, this Led Bar Light will be an excellent lighting source. This grow light is fitted with 12 COB’s, each of which includes 9 chips. The perfectly tuned spectrum guarantees an optimal cultivation result.