BionicPan P210WC

The led grow light P210W series offers ultra-compact, modular and multi-version products to suit a wide range of uses and all types of spaces and surfaces.

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€ 189.00 tax incl.

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The P210WC led grow lights are designed to offer the maximum power of COB used.

Their casing is optimized to allow excellent air circulation, and incorporates an ultra-quiet fan, and an aluminum grill to achieve the highest performance on the market without sacrificing quietness of use.

The grow light P210WC is equipped with the very popular COB CREE CXB3070 in 3500k, suitable for all phases of plant development (Growth and Flowering), supported by a reflector Angelina XW of the Finnish brand LEDIL.bionicpan_p210wc_1

Ultra Compact.

The led lamp for P210WC indoor cultivation is only 12x12x13.5 cm and weighs only 1100 g. It holds in one hand and will be able to adapt from the smallest surface to the largest by linking them.bionicpan_p210wc_2

Ultra silent.

The P210WC are almost inaudible thanks to their reduced fan at 2200 rpm. Silence is preserved but active ventilation allows us to raise the efficiency of the COB higher.bionicled_p210wc_3

Ultra Powerful.

Despite its light weight and its small size, the P210WC gives off as much power by COB as on the largest panels! Ultra accessible. Available at a price of 189 euros including tax, the BionicPan P210WC offers the best power / price ratio of the market while integrating high-end CREE, CITIZEN, BRIDGELUX or LEDIL components, and chaining functionalities, in an over-the-top box. measured.

Ultra easy to install.

Supplied with a mains plug, a suspension cable. That's all it takes for the P210WC to be installed. Its integrated socket allows it to either connect another P210W, another panel, or any other type of powered accessory (fan, LED bar ...) The switch on the back of the panel can turn off the BionicPan P210WC and all devices plugged into it.


The P210WC incorporates the Angelina XW reflector of the Finnish LEDIL brand specializing in optics and accessories for LEDs The Angelina XW model offers an eXtra Wide diffusion angle and a level of professional reflection.


The P210WC gardening led is equipped with the COB CXB3070 in 3500k of the American brand CREE, which has been proven for a very long time in many products.


Its success is due to its reliability, durability and its versatile spectrum that is suitable for all types of plants growing or flowering.


Surface :

  • Surface grow: 60x60 cm.
  • Surface bloom: 90x90 cm.

Other information :

  • Actual power consumption: 85 Watt.
  • Temperature of the box in operation: 40-50 Degrees Celsius.

Warnings :

  • Max temperature space of culture: 40 Degrees Celsius.
  • Max humidity level of the space of culture: 90%.
  • Optimum temperature of the culture space: 20-30. Degrees Celsius
  • Optimum moisture content of the culture space: 40-80%.
  • Use the P210WC in a ventilated space.
  • Do not cover or obstruct P210WC vents.

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