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BionicPan P400WX

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The BionicPan P400WCI indoor growing lamp is an evolution of the P400WC that has been proven for many years. For this new version, we have changed power supplies and fans to gain 20% in light efficiency and reduce noise by 30%.

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The case and the reflectors have also been redesigned to obtain a 10% more compact panel and a more optimized COB spacing. The P400WCI is a stand-alone lighting, which requires no other accessories to operate.bionicpan_p400wx_2

Totally ventilated and integrating its own power supply, the BionicPan P400WCI is an autonomous lighting system, complete, and perfectly adapted to all the phases of growth or flowering of your plants. Technology: For its COB Full Spectrum, the BionicPan uses (Chip on Board) technology COB , which concentrates a large number of 3 Watt LEDs on an aluminum plate. This technology provides a more reliable, more powerful and more homogenous light source. The COBs also make it possible to refine the spectrum very precisely by selecting the wavelength of each unit led of 3 Watt. Color mixing is also done at the source, unlike the use of 3 watt LEDs scattered on a panel.


For the COB Blanc, the BionicPan incorporates a COB CREE CXB 3070, very powerful, durable and reliable. It is also composed of a matrix of LEDs, arranged on a ceramic plate. Despite its superior performance, high-end quality, and its American origin, we still chose to integrate these COB CREE in our new generation of panels, without price increase!


The spectrum of COB CREE CXB3070 has a peak in blue that corresponds very well to the vegetative phase of the plant, and it covers a wide range of orange and red very well adapted to the flowering phase.


Spectre :

The BionicPan indoor LED light spectrum is composed of 7 wavelengths that cover the majority (96%) of the photosynthesis absorption band thanks to the COB 64x3W Multi Colors, and a warm white 3500k, balanced in blue and red, which completes the spectrum, reinforcing the luminous penetration and giving to the global spectrum a predominantly white color which makes it possible to observe the green color of its plants.


The light emitted also takes into account optimizations by combination of wavelengths, for example the combination of infrared and blue, which increases very significantly the production of photosynthesis.

The luminous flux obtained corresponds very well to all the phases of development of the plant (cuttings, growth, flowering).

  • Blanco Calido 3500k.
  • 440 nm (435-445 nm).
  • 460 nm (455-465 nm).
  • 470 nm (465-475 nm).
  • 525 nm (520-530 nm).
  • 640 nm (635-645 nm).
  • 660 nm (655-665 nm).
  • 730 nm (725-735 nm).


The BionicPan use a "hybrid" spectrum obtained by association of 2 types of High Power COB: COB 200 Watt dedicated spectrum growth / flowering composed only of 7 wavelengths. COB CREE CXB3070 with warm white spectrum 3500k.

This composition, only possible thanks to the LED technology, makes it possible to accumulate several advantages:

  • The COB 7 wavelengths offers a very rich spectrum, and 100% assimilable by the plant.
  • The warm white COB allows the addition of complementary wavelengths, but above all a strong increase in light penetration.
  • The conclusions of the observations and measurements made are. A global spectrum that appears white to the eye, and thus preserves the green color of the plant. A + 30% increase in Photosynthetically Active Radiation (Photosynthetically Active Radiation / PAR / RPA)
  • 4X higher light output (lux).
  • An increase in coverage of + 20%
  • Covers cover (optimal> max): 90x90 / 100x100 cm
  • Distance at 40 cm from the plants.



Power, consumption and coverage:

  • Cutting cover: 100x90 cm (height of installation, 70 cm).
  • Growing cover: 90x80 cm (Installation height: 50 cm).
  • Cover in bloom: 80x60 cm (Installation height: 35-40 cm).
  • Rated power: 400 Watt.
  • Power consumption: 190-200 Watt.
  • Dimensions and technical characteristics:
  • Voltage: 220 Volt.
  • Dimensions: 29 x 18 x 8.5 cm.
  • Weight: 4.2 kg.

Warnings :

  • Max temperature space of culture: 40 Degrees Celsius.
  • Max humidity level of the space of culture: 90%.
  • Optimum temperature of the culture space: 20-30. Degrees Celsius
  • Optimum humidety of the grow room: 40-80%.
  • Use the P400WCI in a ventilated space.
  • Do not cover or obstruct the air vents of the P400WCI.
  • In order to prolong the life of the product, it is advisable to mix the air around the lamp and to respect the points above.