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Apollo 4 LED

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With the Apollo LED lamp series for growth and flowering you create your own nature. The Apollo series is one of the best among LED grow lights.

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At Plant and Flower you will receive this LED grow light with exclusive LEDs from the CREE brand. Advantages of the LED grow light Apollo 4:

  • Very safe to use.
  • 60 to 80% energy saving.
  • Power consumption of just 132 watts.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Very little heat emission.
  • 60 x 3 watt high power CREE LEDs.
  • Lenses on the LEDs for optimum spread.
  • 12-band Full Spectrum.

The LED Apollo grow lights series is suitable for the growth and flowering phase of plants and flowers. In Belgium, the Apollo grow lamp is already widely used in greenhouse complexes. And no wonder, the high quality 3 watt CREE LEDs ensure large flowers and fruits. Each LED chip contains an optical lens with angles of incidence of 90 to 120 degrees. This ensures a wide spread without reducing the intensity of the light.

Easy in use.

The ease of use of the Apollo LED grow light series is optimal, you only work with 1 plug and an on-off button. A suspension system is included. The soft-start function ensures that no transformer is needed anymore and fire safety is increased. Built-in fans and unique heat dissipation ensure that the system stays cool.

LED spectrum of the Apollo 4 LED grow light.

12-band Full Spectrum: 410nm, 430nm, 460-470nm, 525nm, 585-590nm, 610nm, 620-630nm, 640-660nm, 730nm, 2700-3000K, 6000-6500K, 12000-14000k (red, far red, blue , UV, IR, green and white).