Apollo-X 6 LED
  • Apollo-X 6 LED
  • Apollo-X 6 LED
  • Apollo-X 6 LED
  • Apollo-X 6 LED
  • Apollo-X 6 LED

Apollo-X 6 LED

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With the Apollo-X you have the latest generation of LED grow lights in your hands. The Apollo series is one of the best and most famous among LED grow lights. The Apollo-X goes one step further.


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Advantages of the Apollo-X 6:

  • Energy saving of 60 to 80%.
  • Power consumption of only 302 watts.
  • 3 year warranty on the entire system.
  • Very little heat emission.
  • 72 x 3 watt high power CREE LED + Epistar COB 3000K 6 x 30 watts.
  • Lenses on LEDs and COBs for optimal lighting distribution.
  • Full spectrum.

The Apollo-X LED Grow Lamp series is suitable for the growth and flowering phase of plants. The powerful COBs emit light with a color of 3,000 K. The individual LEDs give an extra boost in blue / red. Each LED and COB chip contains an optical lens with angles of i90 to 120 degrees. This ensures wide diffusion without reducing the intensity of the light.

The spectrum of the Apollo-X 6 is a complete spectrum. You can use this spectrum for the growth and flowering phase of your plants. By using COB, this spectrum is also very well balanced with a lot of blue and red, but especially a nice gradient green / orange. Plants use green and orange on a small scale for photosynthesis, but it is especially important that the processes in the plant are not overly disturbed by unnatural peaks in the spectrum. The spectrum of Apollo-X series LED grow lamps has been designed to avoid this problem. apollo_spectre